About this Instance

Origin Story

This is a single-user instance run by me, lohang a participant in the fediverse since 25 Jul 2008. This site uses a software named Epicyon. It federates with the rest of the ActivityPub networks in the federated social web, also known as the fediverse.

Like I said in one of my posts "[on this instance] I would like to do something different from what I usually do on Twitter and Mastodon; and build a little node for creative coexistence; for slow and more thought-out communication. I am starting to realize that my use of Mastodon was still heavily influenced by how I behave on Twitter. I suspect it has something to do with both the growth of the platform and the way the software is designed. This was not the case in the early days when I was using identica, GNUSocial and Friendica. I would like to revive at least some bits and pieces of that world."

I have two other accounts in the fediverse for other purposes. My Mastodon account is for fast-paced, large scale interaction and microblogging. My Pixelfed account is where I share some of the images I make; photos and photos of my art.

Research Uses

The administrator of this instance does not agree to participate in human subjects research, or research to study website policies and practices, carried out by academic institutions or their executors without prior written consent.

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